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Saturday I stopped out to the Seneca Rocks clean up put on by the PPKTU chapter.   With around 20 people there in some nasty weather it was quick work to clean up the C&R.   Chili and pepperoni rolls where provided for lunch and the rest of the day was open to fish.   I landed a couple quick rainbows in the C&R and I was in search of some Brook Trout.

After the last meeting and hearing all of the hard work done in the headwaters of a particular high mountain stream I decided to stop by and check out this new water for the first time.

Tying on my fly in some great April weather for the Spruce area.

Didn’t take to long before i picked up a few of these…  There was a lot of work done up stream from where I caught these fish but it was still great to have the story’s of all that has been done over the past years.



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