Beware of wolves cloaked in “access”

America’s national forests belong to everyone, and all Americans deserve and rightfully demand access to this national birthright. Such access is like oxygen for hunters and anglers, but beware: Industry barracudas and their pals in Congress are trying to hoodwink sportsmen into supporting bad legislation by promising more lenient access.

Today’s case in point is HR 1581, the so-called Wilderness and Roadless Release Act. It’s sponsored by a Southern California representative who claims he wants to “improve access” to public land. What does this mean? For the oil and gas industry, access means gaining the opportunity to drill. For folks overly fond of their quads and dirt bikes, access means license to drive motorized vehicles wherever and whenever they wish.

Read Ben Long’s full “Writers on the Range” article HERE

Read more on H.R. 1581 HERE

“There are lots of wolves out there. Some live in the woods and have sharp teeth. Others live in the city and carry briefcases.” – Ben Long,  Writers on the Range a service of High Country News (


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