October Meeting

We will hold the October Chapter meeting at 7pm Tuesday, October 11 at the Benedum Civic Center in Bridgeport.  We will be discussing our possible involvement with Project Healing Waters. This is a group that has partnered with various fishing clubs and organizations to promote the therapeutic value that our sport can bring to the traumas of war.  Our local Veterans Hospital in Clarksburg has contacted Project Healing Waters and asked for a program here.  The Veterans Service Partnership Coordinator for Trout Unlimited contacted us in the hopes that our chapter might be interested in helping to start a program here in Clarksburg. If we think that we have a group of volunteers interested in working with this program, one of the Project Healing Waters representatives would be willing to come and talk to us at our November Meeting.

In addition to discussing our interest in participating in Project Healing Waters, Jason Manning and Tom Byers will be giving a talk and presentation on fishing for Northeast Steelhead. If you’ve never fished the tributaries of Lake Erie and Ontario, or if you’ve lost count of your trips up North, Fall is here and these BIG fish will soon be running in from the Lakes. Come and get the fever!



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