Finding Strength in Numbers

If there’s anything to be gleaned from the “Occupy” movement sprouting placards across the nation—other than free speech does not extend to pitching tent camps in Bloomberg’s backyard—it’s that collective noise is hard to ignore.

That same theory is now being applied by groups that work for the greater good of wildlife, organizations that in the past have maintained safe distances from one another despite similar overall objectives in the conservation arena.

Approximately 1,000 groups and businesses have formed under The America’s Voice for Conservation, Recreation and Preservation coalition umbrella. The mega-group, which made its debut at a Washington, D.C., news conference last month, includes the TRCP, The Wilderness Society, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Boone and Crockett Club, Trout Unlimited, and Sierra Club, in addition to companies such as Black Diamond and Petzl.

Strength in numbers? The new coalition is banking on it.   (The Drake Magazine 2011)

New Herd Aims to be Heard by Geoff Mueller

Sportsmen-Conservationists Help Provide $1 Trillion Boost To Economy

The economic study

Read more about the study at the:  Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership’s Square-Dealer


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