Fly Rod Chronicles remembering DUSM Hotsinpiller

This past Summer Curtis Flemming and Fly Rod Chronicles crew surprised Dustin Hotsinpiller (read story HERE).    Dustin and Chad Cooper returned from their trip with plenty of stories and the opportunity to remember brother, friend, and hero Derek Hotsinpiller.   Fly Rod Chronicles will air the show on the Outdoor Channel next weekend (Friday Jan. 6th @ 8:00am, Saturday Jan. 7th @ 6:00am, and Saturday the 7th @ 6:00pm).    For more information you can go to Fly Rod Chronicles   site or the Outdoor Channel.

Dustin Hotsinpiller and Chad Cooper stand by a memorial plaque of DUSM Derek Hotsinpiller. Derek was an avid fly fisherman and is pictured in the plaque from a fishing trip to Montana.


Dustin with a great rainbow from New Mexico.



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