Lefty Kreh Fishing Trail

Maryland Names Gunpowder Falls Trail in Honor of Lefty Kreh

Kreh is a world renowned fly-fishing icon

Annapolis, Md. (December 21, 2011) ─ The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Maryland Board of Public Works (BPW) today officially renamed the Gunpowder South Trail the Lefty Kreh Fishing Trail in honor of native Marylander Bernard Victor “Lefty” Kreh.  Kreh is a world renowned fly-fisherman who has forever influenced the sport through his works and contributions.

“Lefty Kreh is a Maryland icon who has for decades inspired anglers across the State and around the world,” said Governor Martin O’Malley. “We are honored to bestow this recognition as a reflection of his dedication to, and impact on, fishing and conservation.”

The Lefty Kreh Fishing Trail runs along Gunpowder Falls in an area that stretches from Prettyboy Reservoir to Big Falls Road in the Hereford Area of Gunpowder Falls State Park. DNR manages this nationally recognized blue-ribbon trout stream as a catch and release fishing area.

Kreh was born in Frederick in 1925. Over his remarkable75-year career, he has shared his enthusiasm and skill for fishing through his columns, books and presentations. He is known for his commitment to Maryland’s natural resources, using every available means to promote conservation and clean water, and giving back to the outdoors.

“You really didn’t need to do this but I want to commend the administration and DNR for all you have done for conservation,” said Kreh.

Kreh’s works spearheaded the expansion of saltwater fly fishing across the country and then the world. In 1974, he completed the seminal book on the sport—Fly Fishing in Saltwaters, which is still in print, now in its third edition. He is known for the Lefty’s Deceiver; a uniquely practical fly pattern he designed to fool striped bass—Maryland’s State fish—into biting an angler’s line. The bucktail fly pattern is the most widely used and imitated saltwater fly in the world.

After serving as the Baltimore Sun’s outdoor editor for 17 years, Kreh retired in 1990. However, he continues to teach fans, friends and protégés how to fish. In 2009, prominent broadcaster and author, Tom Brokaw called Kreh, “The embodiment of our Greatest Generation.”

DNR honored Kreh this past September at the 2011 Maryland Fishing Challenge. Participating in the event for the first time ever, Kreh presented the Challenge winners with cash and prizes alongside DNR Secretary John Griffin.

Kreh who now lives in Cockeysville, has written more than 30 books and has produced numerous instructional videos on fishing and outdoor photography. He continues to write and has a new book underway.   ( MD names Gunpowder Falls Trail in Honor of Lefty Kreh – MDDNR )





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