PHW – Fly Tying Class #2

Our next class will be Weds. April the 4th at the VA in the same room as our last class. We will be going over more of the fly tying tools and also tying the Clouser Minnow.



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3 responses to “PHW – Fly Tying Class #2

  1. Alex

    I just recently joined TU and I am from the Bridgeport area. Looking to get involved. Is the next date planned yet? Also, I haven’t received anything in the mail yet since joining, and I was wondering when and where meetings are held.

    • Chad Cooper

      Alex, our next PHW event will be next Wednesday, May 16th in Bridgeport, WV. We are taking the vets to Hinkle and Deegan Lakes to try and get them “hooked on the fly”! If you want to get involved, drop us your email address and we’ll forward you some contact information. Hope to see you around sometime soon! Welcome aboard!!

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