Not a TU member yet? (or looking for a good deal for friends and family?

Introductory Membership (18 and up): Half the price of Regular Membership! If you are not a member of TU and want to see what this is all about, sign up! It is only $17.50, and a full $15 of that comes back to the Mountaineer Chapter for use in improving north central WV fisheries and fishing education. Be sure, when selecting for which chapter you are signing up, chose Mountaineer Chapter #153.

We are not recruiting from other chapters, but if you have recently moved to the area or if you prefer to be a TU member in the area in which you fish but don’t necessarily live, here’s the information you need:

“If you are a current TU member and would like to transfer membership
to MCTU, contact Mallory Ennis at and specify that you
want to transfer your membership to Mountaineer Chapter 153″


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